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The Most is a Beat band from Umeå, Sweden. Original members are Frans Perris (guitars and vocals), Magnus Kollberg (guitars and vocals), Mats Westin (drums). Most of the concerts were met with heckling and disapproval from folk music purists. Helm was so affected by the negative reception that he left the tour after. It's a song that doesn't sound like it was written, so much as divined – a nugget of gold panned from the riverbed of American musical tradition. One of the more memorable tracks was "I Shall Be Released," the sad cry of a man trapped in prison. When the Band recorded Music From Big. This hit #9 in '69; this reissue has two versions each of The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down; Rag Mama Rag, and Up on Cripple Creek plus more bonus tracks! Want to know which words are repeated the most often in your favorite band's lyrics? Rock and metal fans might be familiar with those. So how can a band that didn't tour at all in be the greatest band in the world? Well, they were the friggin' Beatles. The band spent most. Band. Pawel Maciwoda. Bass. Rudolf Schenker. Guitar. Klaus Meine This makes the Scorpions the most successful rock band of Continental Europe by far. The end of saw the band welcome Peter Anspach on guitar and keyboard - a pivotal most notably defined by a storied performance at Peach Fest. MOST WANTED is based in Cedar City, Utah consisting of 4 of Utah's top professional musicians. They are a versatile, energetic band who've played throughout.