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It's mostly fun and only partly scary, though firm proof for this undeniable truth: Children are spooky little creeps who see ghosts, report. We asked psychologists if parents should be scared that their children report seeing ghosts. Here's what they said. Why does it always seem like kids can see spirits and we can't? We talked to a psychologist as well as seven moms who share their kids'. I See Spirits: A Book for Empathic and Intuitive Children (The Psychic Kids Series) [Block, Caryn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Can kids see ghosts? Not necessarily, but children with a phobia of ghosts can sense them everywhere — in creaking floors, shadows cast by. After 16 years, one of the internet's first – and most surreal – Q&A platforms is to be shut down. For song requests, chords, notes, sheet music (melody & chords/chorus & verse only. 2 pg. max), tutorials, lessons, advice, midi or to support the channel. Leila Livingston wrote a post about seeing a ghost lady staring at her children on a video baby monitor and it went viral. Current science can't prove that there are spirits walking through walls or screaming below floorboards. Our spooky sightings, however, have certainly felt real. Abstract. The currently popular practice of propitiating, or 'adopting', child spirits in Thailand reveals an ambivalent attitude towards childhood. According.