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Zero degrees. With the exception of 1, all (i) numbers, (ii) fractions and (iii) numbers with fractions are plural. "Zero is followed by a plural noun, Zero degrees Celsius is thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. From: Practical English Usage, Third Edition, by. "One degree" is correct, as is "zero degrees". It grates on my inner geek that a quantity of zero is pluralized, but that's the way it is. If you've seen something like "Be careful in the zero degree weather" - you don't add s at the end of words when they are used as adjectives. If. zero degrees vs zero degree A complete search of the internet has found these results: zero degrees is the most popular phrase on the web. More popular! zero. Writing Degree Zero is a book of literary criticism by Roland Barthes. First published in , it was Barthes' first full-length book and was intended. Then answer is "zero degrees," but I can't say I really can give a logical explanation. The only time you use "degree" is when the number of degrees is. Zero Degrees is an Asian-Hispanic inspired chain that specializes in signature smoothies, coffee & tea, hot snacks and more! Coffee & Teas · Zero Fruit Tea · Peach Iced Tea · Strawberry Bliss · Lychee Crush · Mango Green Tea · Peach Blossom · Cucumber Limeade · Strawberry Limeade. In the fields of literature and the visual arts, 'zero degree' represents a neutral aesthetic situated in response to, and outside of, the dominant cultural.