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2 Fratelli - I Swear To Love | I Swear To Love Sworn Mix,I Swear To Love Mix,I Swear To Love Cut MFFX mp3 album download free. 2 Fratelli · I Swear To Love ‎(12", Maxi), MKII, MKII - , Belgium, , Sell This Version. MKII - , A New Beginning album cover. Il Canto degli Italiani is a canto written by Goffredo Mameli set to music by Michele Novaro in , and is the current national anthem of Italy. Let us unite, let us love one another, For union and love. Reveal to the people. The ways of the Lord. Let us swear to set free. Jon Fratelli. LyricsAboutTracklistComments. 1 5. How to Format Lyrics Evangeline, I swear my thoughts are clean [Verse 2]. Need a Little Love Lyrics: It was time I figured out what everybody knew / Life is lived in Oh, I swear I'll spend every day in chains. I'm happily single, or so I thought until Emanuele Fratelli shows up in my life. He comes as a guest to my ranch in Texas, where I host rustic weddings. Inspired by brotherhood and a whole lot of patriotism, 'Fratelli d'Italia' Two months later they were set to music by Michele Novaro. Fratelli d'Italia is a beautiful national anthem and football fans War Two, Brothers of Italy was chosen as the new national anthem. Oh I swear I'll spend every day in chains. Every kiss that you ever gave me still remains. Need a little love, I won't say no. Need a little love.