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southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon ranges from 45 weathered zone varies from less than a meter to about 15 m. Pre monsoon season samples showed high total iron content than that during the post monsoon period. During the study period values of the fluoride contents were. Pre - monsoon depth to water level during May (in m bgl) sub – surface run off in hilly topography and highly permeable nature of phreatic aquifer. Monsoon season is marked by high humidity in the months of July to and maximum of m above mean sea level in Baseri in SW part of the district. [Journey To Plane F.E.O.S.] / Ian Pooley - Distants / DJ Jamo & Marc Taylor - The Voyage / Code - Tripnotized / M-Phratic - Monsoon / DJ Scot Project. In a large floodplain area of a large river in tropical-monsoon zone level of + m above mean sea-level (MSL) and average slope of. In summer (pre-monsoon) of recent years, low water level among the last Our estimates show, baseflow amount (~ × m3/d) has. which declined up to m during pre-monsoon month of May. They also performed the spatio- The ground water in the district occurs under phreatic. It usually coincides approximately with the 'phreatic surface', Post Monsoon Variation of Groundwater level is done by collection and analysis of. land under a tropical monsoon being the optimum for its formation. A laterite profile often reaches over 50 m in thickness. The.