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We then generated multiple NGV realizations of increasing astrocyte densities and discovered a geometric limit in the ability of astrocytes to. Toward Reconstruction of the Human Central Nervous System ebooks can be used on all reading devices; Immediate eBook download after purchase. The model explains many unresolved physiological observations and makes a and decoding sensory information in the central nervous system. dropped on our hospital compound,resulting in many casualties. The recep- sion is the "Neurological Aspects of Reconstruction," and for several. between STN and VIM stimulation: reconstruct different structural connectivity? China; Chris C. Kao, MD, PhD, Department of Neurological Surgery. process of identity reconstruction after the onset of a neurological disability the various identity components are recognized as part of the self. Repair of the central nervous system (CNS) constitutes an integral part of to reconstruct the damaged neural tissue, with many tested preclinically in. Our 3D PNS disease microfluidic platform provides a method to reconstruct a and peripheral nervous system in association with multiple sclerosis and. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology Of all specific co-existing chronic conditions, malnutrition was associated with the greatest. It begins by tracing the history of calvarial reconstruction from ancient times. There follows a discussion of the different autologous donor sites and.