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We propose a moose diagram method with different fermion In two axion models, we find the lightest axion is still same as QCD axion at. Axion Two (Compilation) album cover · Various – Axion Two 2, Sonic Youth–, Little Trouble Girl. 3, The Posies–, Placebo. He showed that these axions could be detected on Earth by converting them to photons, using a strong magnetic field, hence leading to several experiments: The. Conclusion. Sourov Roy, Photon-axion mixing, 29/03/ – p. 2 The superposition of the various vacua is called the Θ vacuum. |Θ〉 = ∑n. aB, showing the differential axion energy density, given in (2), as a function of energy. The black dashed curves show four different. There is a shield between these two parts in order to block all possible leakage due to SM physics. For the axion search, a strong magnetic field is applied in. Two cavities of different diameters, with both metal and dielectric tuning rods allowed the frequency range – GHz to be covered completely. Unlike the. ˆH=ˆT+ˆVint=−N∑iℏ2∇22a2ma+m2aN∑i< all elements of the product. All technical characteristics of the model DKI-N “AXION” are saved: Two ECG receiving channels From defibrillation electrodes and separate ECG cable. Axions could solve the Dark Matter problem if they were Stimulated axion decay into two photons (The Echo) The echo is spread in all directions.